Schedule, smedchule? I need one.

This is what I’m thinking of doing I know personally, that in order to stay on track, I will need to create a posting schedule for myself. Now my love would like me to post daily so I just need to figure out what I will post on what...

Youtube makeup tutorial: foundation, Rose Kimberly

This is the first makeup tutorial that I have tried, it’s by Rose Kimberly. I really enjoy her tutorials and I appreciate that she uses affordable drugstore products. As a mother of three affordability is very important to me. I did all the steps but I used colors that...

First World Problems, my makeup issues!

Here’s one of my first world problems for the week…. As old as I am, trust me I’m not an expert at applying makeup. Even still I decided to buy some more makeup and spent way too much, to be honest. This created a big problem for me. My...

We’re back!

I used to blog about my family and then I stopped because of the complaints from three teenagers. Now, wouldn’t you know the youngest is complaining that I don’t write about them anymore. So I’m back with more stories about my family that will probably embarrass them completely.

I have to fill my embarrassment quota as a mother.

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