It’s a two for one today

I missed…

My Tribe Thursday this week and now it’s First World Problems Friday, so now I will just combine the two. I guess today could also be described as a parenting fail.

I’m sitting around today in my pajamas around 12:15 in the afternoon when I get a text that says Are you picking me up today? Being the parent I am, I asked my youngest daughter if I have to and of course she tells me yes. She’s a bit on the spoiled side herself and expects me to pick her up every Friday from school. Now I figure that I have almost four more hours to go pick her up so it’s not a problem. She calls me at 12:51 and asks me where I’m at. I had no idea what she meant so I asked and she informed me that it was a half day, oops. I eventually got to the school and she had an attitude because I was so late.

I reminded her that there was no way I could’ve known it was an early release day because she didn’t put it on our shared calendar and if I don’t see it in writing then I’m forgetting it. The whole family knows this. It’s a very spoken rule around my house, if you don’t text me, email me, or put it on my calendar mom will absolutely forget it and even if you do all that I still might.Things just need to automatically set themselves to my calendar with reminders to make my life easier.

On a side note, my youngest daughter has an interview for the early collegiate program at the school coming up.

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