Schedule, smedchule? I need one.

This is what I’m thinking of doing

I know personally, that in order to stay on track, I will need to create a posting schedule for myself. Now my love would like me to post daily so I just need to figure out what I will post on what days. I’ve already decided on Mondays and Fridays, that only leaves five more days to fill. My daughter has made a suggestion, she remembers that when I reviewed books on my blog I would read more books and reach my yearly reading goal. I’m thinking that a can fill in some other items, like a joke post, a funny family post, an image post, and a quote post. That fills my full week. Of course if something catches my fancy, gets on my nerves, or just makes me laugh I will post that as it happens. It looks like the current format with only a few catchy names will be:

  • Monday ~ Makeup Mondays
  • Tuesday ~ Book Reviews
  • Wednesday ~ Joke Days (Witty Wednesdays)
  • Thursday ~ Family Posts (My Tribe Thursdays)
  • Friday ~ First World Problems Friday
  • Saturday ~ Image Posts
  • Sunday ~ Quote Posts (Sunday Sayings)

That’s how it looks so far. We’ll just have to see if I can stick with it.

For future reference, yes, I do make up words.


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